Due to the free GPU available in google colab and the need to avoid the difficulty of installing a lot of dependencies on your laptop, connecting kaggle dataset to colab is useful as it prevents constantly uploading it anytime you want to use it.

Of course there are other alternatives like using the kaggle as a colab alternative, uploading the dataset to google drive or dropbox.

  1. Go to your account

2. Scroll to API section and Click Expire API Token to remove previous tokens

The analysis of what makes him different

Image credit: Eurosport

Usain Bolt has been undefeated since he started his career as an athlete. The Jamaican Sprinter, is the most successful athlete in the World Championships. He is the world record holder for the 100m (9.58s in 2009), which used to be a U.S.-dominated event. (The U.S. has won four times more medals than all other countries combined.) and 200m (19.19s in 2009) sprint times and has won gold medals in both these events in the previous 3 Olympics (2008, 2012,2016) — better known as “ The Triple Double”.

He was mostly known for his Olympic game change but he also…

churn vs retention from dribbble.com


Predicting churn rates is a challenging and common problem that data scientists and analysts regularly encounter in any customer-facing business. It minimizes customer defection by detecting on time which customers are likely to cancel their subscription.

In this post, we are going to use the sparkify dataset to work on the prediction process and because it’s a heavy data we’ll use Spark to engineer the relevant features and then build machine learning models for the prediction.

The goal is that at the end a full machine learning workflow would have been explained and also understand the fundamentals of Spark


2019 Stack overflow Survey data

image from google

More people than ever before are contributing to open source. There are organisations everywhere encouraging first timers to contribute.

I took a look at the Stack overflow survey of 2019 which is believed to be the largest and most comprehensive survey of software developers to see how much people really take part in open source and the benefits of contributing.

1. How often do people contribute to open source

We are excited to hold the International Women’s Day 2018 in Enugu!!!

We are just starting I know

But we’re growing

Looking forward to share the stories of our growing female community of designers, developers and entrepreneurs

Step by Step we will reach there

It can only happen if we work together, side by side

The need for us to join force and learn from each other as we face new challenges in tech

Our goal is to provide the best environment for everyone to encourage the diversity of career opportunities for women in tech industry

Join the train today to help build the future we want by joining us in this year’s IWD coming up on 28th April 2018 at Digital Dreams ICT Academy

It’s going to be lit. Let’s come have fun and connect


Andela Learning Community in collaboration with Google and Udacity is a community that have decided to make learning web or mobile development easy for Africans. My journey started with applying for ALC 1.0, but was not able to follow through it because of procrastination and other issues so I reapplied again determined to make it this time.

It started on an interesting note with android studio challenge showing me what it is cable of with girdle issues and all which lasted for so long until it was resolved with the help of other ALC members on our first meetup. From…

In Practicing we Learn, My experience with Flutterwave API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of requirements that determine how applications talk to one another, I learnt that whenever you use a desktop or laptop, APIs are what make it possible to move information between programs, when you are done reading this post you should see the icons to share this article . These are just links that call on the APIs associated with each of those services to allow users post the article without leaving the site itself.

Flutterwave is changing the way the world does business with Africa, they provide the underlying technology platform that…

The Andela bootcamp experience has been a roller-coaster. It’s the longest two weeks of my life, a two weeks programme that actually looks like two months. Before now, I don’t believe it’s possible to learn a programming language within two weeks

The first week of bootcamp came with the first set of challenges. Several tasks to complete every day which demanded a lot of effort and time. …

Today marks the end of the 3-day home sessions. Tomorrow, we will all be called to Andela Epic Tower for the next step. I don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, but I will prepare.

Today’s task is on front-end development: cloning an existing website. Although I have some experience in front end development, I am a bit worried about completing this task in time. I have decided to clone the University of Nigeria’s website (www.unn.edu.ng).

So far so good in the bootcamp home sessions, the wonderful feeling is that each day that passes you are actually a step closer to joining…

This is day 3 of the Andela Bootcamp, reporting live from my cubicle. It has been a day full of activities. Working on the exercises for the day

· two andelabs

· a simple command line application that consumes a Public API using an HTTP client library.

Today I get to learn something new, node.js, API and other technologies that I need to help me in taking the bull by the horn.

I have learned from the previous day the importance of feedback. Thanks to my BFA, I started thinking he was carrying my matter personally but the feedback I…

Ifeoma Okoh

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