About me

My name is Jisel and I am a student at San Francisco State University, my major is Liberal Studies. I like to listen to all genre’s of music to relax when I am stressed, take walks to the park, spend time with family and friends and live life to the fullest. In my English class, I had to choose a topic that was interesting enough for me to be fully engaged all semester long, so I chose “Medicinal Marijuana” and the medicinal benefits it gives for people with Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epilepsy and Insomnia. Why I chose this topic, is because I have relatives that have experienced these ailments, the pain and suffering that that they go through every day, dealing with these ailments of these diseases and the side effects of Western medicine vs. medicinal marijuana. Outside from my personal experience, I know that medical marijuana has helped people with epilepsy, anxiety and others health conditions. I believe and have witnessed that medical marijuana has helped ease the pain of these health conditions and it is a holistic approach.

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