Final Portfolio

March 16, 2016

Dear Reader,

I would like to share with you my learning experience in my English class at San Francisco State University. I must say, I have come a long way from the beginning of the semester till now. When I started this class I thought I was a decent writer, I thought I knew how to write a proper essay, but I did not. I had a rude awakening when I read the comments from my peer reviews. I knew my writing was not great but I had so much to learn in class. Constructive criticism from my peers helped improve the content, grammar and citations of my work. Each time I revised my essays, my writing became better. Because my class was a hybrid course, I developed good habits to be self-disciplined and to meet the deadlines.

In the second half of the semester, I had to research and write about my topic Medical Marijuana for my blog posts on With that said, my proudest work is the Taking the Stance, Blog Post 6. All of my previous blog posts were good but not as solid as this one and to be honest this class has taught me how to create a blog and hyperlink, I had never had a face book account nor a blog account and I was terrified to post my written work on a blog site. I was not confident enough to have my posts read by the public.
In this particular blog, I was able to write about the latest news that would affect new medical marijuana businesses in California being back by venture capitalists and the upcoming California recreational marijuana initiative for the November ballot of 2016. This post has politics and businesses intertwined together. Because it was the second, later part of the semester, I felt confident posting this blog and when I read it, it puts a smile on my face. I am not a professional writer or author but I am a decent writer.

I feel that I have become more pro medical marijuana than before I started my blog. The research I have done has opened up my mind even further, I have educated myself about politics, businesses, venture capitalists and the most important reason why I chose this topic is because medical marijuana benefits people with many health conditions and is used for pain management, nausea, epilepsy seizures and much, much more! I will vote Yes on the November ballot and have encouraged my readers to do the same.

As I am writing this reflection, I can’t believe that this is my final writing assignment. There was so much energy and thought process to get me to this final destination. I would say on a scale from 1–10 of self-discipline, I would rate myself a 9. In order to stay focused on my assignments, I had to learn how to juggle Eli Review and Launchpad assignments which were solely online and come to class to engage in class lectures. I did miss a couple of assignments because I was away on vacation and things got in the way of completing those assignments, which deducted points from my overall score. What I would have done different is find a way to finish those assignments on time or beforehand.

As far as being a good citizen in this class and engaging with my peers this semester. I feel that I know that it has been useful to take the feedback from my peers and it has helped me with my writing. The process of describe-evaluate- suggest heuristic amongst classmates has given me the opportunity to get and give suggestions to my classmates and help them with their writing skills. It is a full circle; we are all engaged in the betterment of the class as a whole!

I started out as a nervous, unconfident writer and felt that everything I wrote was not good enough. Now, I have the confidence and skills to write a proper essay for my undergraduate courses, come this fall my first GWAR class will be LS 300GW, a Liberal Studies course, this is my declared major. I will take with me the tools (Rules for Writers handbook) and experiences that I had with my peers. I would also like to thank my professor for having the patience and skills to guide me through the whole process. (730)


Jisel Iglesias

Annotated Bibliography
Long Term Research Essay 
Taking a Stance, Blog Post 6