2019 A full year as digital nomads

It’s been 2 years since my partner and I moved back to Barcelona from London where we lived for a few years. The idea was to settle down, find a stable job and live a comfortable normal life. However, after a while, we realized maybe we are not really made for that kind of lifestyle, at least not for now.

For the past 10 years, we’ve lived in 7 different places so we are used to moving around and we must admit we kind of struggle to find a place to settle down.

However, something changed a few months ago when I started exploring this concept of digital nomadism. What if we did not have to find one single place to stay after all? What if we could stay in a place for a few weeks/months and move around depending on our preferences at that moment? We could enjoy summer in beautiful Menorca, do some autumn hikes at the Italian Alps or escape winter going to Bali for 2 months? And what if turns out that living this kind of lifestyle is cheaper than maintaining an overpriced flat in Barcelona?

The shared villa we are renting quite cheaply in Ubud Bali

I am aware this kind of life may not be suited for everybody. Working and traveling at the same time it’s not easy. We tend to stick to routines for a reason, they make us more productive and comfortable. So it obviously has its drawbacks but also opens the door to incredible experiences that I believe they compensate them by far.

I like to approach my life as 6 to 24-month experiments, analyzing the upsides and downsides before taking a certain risk/adventure. Our twenties are an age were experimenting is cheap, and mistakes can have a low cost/impact or can easily be recovered. Personally I much rather try something and fail that playing it safe and missing potential great opportunities and experiences.

For this reasons, we decided that in 2019 we are going to experiment about being digital nomads for 1 year. We are traveling to Bali where we will stay around 1 month, then maybe Thailand, New Zealand, and Japan. Best thing is that we do not know yet, we will decide as we go. The only requirements are a cheap cost of living, fast internet, and safety.

A few months ago I left my job as a software engineer on a classical tech company in Barcelona to find a remote friendly company. On the side, I was already doing some remote freelance stuff for a company I worked for a few years ago. I used a few online sites like remoteOK.io to find new opportunities, and luckily enough I landed a remote job at an awesome remote friendly company.

This company does not only allow you to work remotely but encourages to travel the world while doing so. The company’s statement is O4H “Optimizing For Happiness”, and as long as you get your job done we do not care where or what time are you doing it.

I believe having to commute to an office and sitting at the same desk every day does not make any sense in 2019. With the rise of online collaboration tools, co-working spaces and beautiful destinations with high-speed internet, digital nomadism it’s the future of most digital jobs. I must say I am extremely privileged to be able to work in the software & tech industry where there are plenty of jobs and opportunities available for people with digital skills.

On this blog, the idea is to document my life as a freelancer and digital nomad, follow me for more posts on the topic 🙂