Imagination Database

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #DemocratizeEntrepreneurship

Wizzdom pulls thoughts and emotions from your mind and transfers them over to a database so that you can detach yourself from them and analyze them objectively, validate them, turn them into a business, or simply let them go.

That is what we are working on.

So, what is the Imagination Database?

Well, have you ever started working on an idea and then lost sight of it as it turned into another idea. Worst yet, have you ever then seen a couple of guys randomly stumble into these businesses and make a go of them?

It’s like shiny object syndrome, but for ideas.

Except that this time nothing will stop you from pursuing both ideas individually inside your very own Imagination Database.

Click on one and work on it. Then whenever you start thinking about your other idea, just click on the other one and work on that one until your heart’s content.

Feeling anxious or stressed? You don’t want the hassle of getting a therapist?

Simply send those thoughts and feelings to Wizzdom. Let them go, you have so much more to do with your life.

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