Interview with Fall 2017 Ignite NC Fellow: Morgan

Ignite NC
Ignite NC
Sep 12, 2017 · 3 min read

Hi my name is Morgan, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am from Winston Salem….336.

What do you want to learn during this fellowship?
I really want to learn how to get out of my comfort zone and to organize, like develop a plan that is strategic and put it into action. I think that this fellowship is a really good way for me to not only give my skills but also take skills back. So, the skills I really want to work on is, being really able to communicate with my community and my people because I notice that is where I usually find myself in a stand still. Specially with getting my ideas out there.

What do you want to see change in your community?
I definitely want to see the violence against trans folks stop being so prevalent. I think that, I felt for awhile that someone else was going to step into that role and say “hey I want to make it my mission to foster an environment of education and learning”. I realize it wasn’t going to get done unless someone finally took the reigns and was like you know what, I am going to be that person. So, I really want to change that, I really want to increase awareness of black trans people in our narrative and really get our true narratives from us out there, because I feel like we get spoken over a lot, and I feel like a lot of times our stories get erased. You know when we talk about the LGBT rights movement a lot of people are not really hearing what the T in that stands for. We are not getting to speak for ourselves, and so, I think it’s important to foster a place where we can be safe, but also share our experience, and foster growth information, and understanding for us.

What is your favorite thing that has come out of this retreat?
Umm! That is really hard because so much came out of it for me. First, I will say the connections I made. I made some amazing bonds here. And, I think that’s what I enjoyed the most that my bond with everybody was so different, I don’t think any one bond was the same. I feel like we all related to each other in so many different ways, and we are from so many different walks of life and experiences. My bond is so unique with everyone. So I love everyone in a different way, I respect everyone in a different way, I relate to everyone in a different way, and they really help me bring out my true self. We were able to give and take, and share each others energy, but also in the fact that this retreat definitely brought a lot of centering and healing. I didn’t set out to come here to particularly heal, I came to gain information, but upon gaining the information I was also able to heal, and work through a lot of different traumas that I had, just through centering myself

What is one thing you didn’t see yourself doing during the retreat?

I didn’t see myself climbing a fucking a mountain! That was way out of my comfort zone, I am a city girl, never been out in the wilderness. So I never really saw myself climbing a mountain, I definitely never saw myself doing the things I did on the mountain. So yea that was really way out there for me.

Image for post
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Mountain trip

Any shoutouts for the fellows or staff members? Shout out to Dee Dee their energy was very contagious and it really helped everybody’s moral stay always excited. Also, shoutout to TERRY my roommate! I definitely enjoyed having someone who is black and trans with me. We really were able to learn from each other and grow with each other and really foster like a really strong bond. Obviously thank you Diego because I felt like you were a part of that initial foundation that I was able to rely on if I was ever feeling a little down, or maybe feeling little bit like I was not in my element. Honestly shout out to everybody because I feel like we had really good time!

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