Africa Day 2017#54th Anniversary#Chit-Chat

“…Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto you…”- Kwame Nkrumah
A Luta Continua! As our forefathers, genuine freedom fighters and pioneers who were destined to drive global peace witnessed the oppression and the weakening of our continent of Africa following the 2nd World War, prior imposition of boundaries which solely aimed to weaken African and its people by dispersing their unity, culture and identity, they realised that something had to change. They realised that something had to change if African was to rise up on its feet and support itself and its people. The oppression of Africa and its people remains an oppression to human kind.

When great minds of Africa harmonised their struggle and realised that an enemy for one meant an enemy for all, the ripple-off-effect was unimaginable and the wonders were foreseeable from all corners of Africa. This led to the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on Saturday 25th May 1963. Today marks the 54th Anniversary of the formation of OAU!

The OAU had to first and foremost bring freedom to African countries which were still under imperial rule, and secondly restore Africa’s long-lost identity.

At first, people could see the light. And as I quote from the Holy Bible- …When Africans understood their struggle and saw a clear picture of the war they were fighting, they realised that the hour had already came for them to wake up from their slumber simply because the freedom and the the restoration of Africa’s dignity was nearer...

The vision to unite Africa and its people was certain and promising til when our forefathers lost “SIGHT” due to various reasons in the late 1970’s. The worse was yet to come. For instance, Africa experienced 72 military coups between 1952–1990. Only the Creator knows the number of Africans who were butchered by Africans and Enemies of Africans on the African soil in these merciless military coups and the chaos which followed forth to the end of 1990's!

While we can all undoubtedly conclude that Africa continues to be a subject of charity and mercies, while we can all undoubtedly conclude that the so called “Africa’s Liberators AKA The Big Men of Africa” continues to enslave their own people, while we can all undoubtedly conclude that the enjoyment of basic human rights continues to be “problematic” in many parts of Africa, and the richest continent with natural resources with the poorest people- I still have a strong belief that Africa will someday rise up on its feet and support its own people, then share some love to the rest of world. The struggle continues, this time from within.

When looking on the brighter side, what crosses your mind when you hear the word, “AFRICA” ? If you could kindly share your thoughts in the comment section please. Your thoughts and opinions may challenge or inspire someone today!

Here is what my colleagues had to say:

“…Home…”- Morrow, T- USA/Zambian Historian Currently living in Taiwan
“…When the term Africa is heard, the thing that comes to my mind is poverty, under development, war. The way that the media has portrayed the African continent makes it seem as if the country has no economic stability, that its nothing but what we are shown on television and the media. While Africa is a continuously growing place with rich resources; when people think of it, they focus mainly on the negatives, the poverty, the death, the hardships and not the success. However, I also think of a rich and diverse continent full of beauty, culture, beauty and growth. Africa is the motherland that is drained with natural resources and prosperity. A place where we are rich in various cultures and regardless of the hardships that have been endured, the continent continues to thrive and grow...” Nyandwi, G. I., Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) — The University of Queensland., from Bujumbura, Burundi now living in Queensland, Australia.
“…Rainbow Nation of cultures and religions…” Mbukwane, E. Accountant, Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa.
“…The African savanna…” Brazil, J. Marketing & Psychology, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Happy Africa Day fellow Africans and loyal friends of Africa. May this day remind us all of our past, the cost and sacrifices which led us to be where we are today, and most importantly meditate on our our personal contributions which will hopefully make African Great! Lets Make Africa Great! Jah Bless Africa! Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika!


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