Crown President Paul Kagame King of Rwanda 🇷🇼👑🔥🎤🔍🇷🇼

So after listening to the President of Rwanda, Mr Paul Kagame’s “Acceptance Speech” to lead the Rwandan Patriotic Front Party in our upcoming elections scheduled for August 4th, a few questions crossed my mind. History seems to be slowly repeating itself for reals. This time in a new light.

Lets take a closer look at what came out of his ““Acceptance Speech” 📄🎤

“…What made you ask me to stay longer may be addressed in next 7 years. I want you to think about it…I am not putting much pressure on you but I am asking you to think about it because you must think about it,” President Kagame told the crowd

“…There is no deadline. In the next 7 years I want you and I to work together, maybe double efforts to overcome the challenges that compel you to ask me to stay,…” King Paul Kagame said.

Setting aside his inability to find a replacement ever since he seized power in 1994, and fast-forward to 2024, what will happen if Pres. Kagame fails to find a replacement after his 7-years bonus rule?

I notice Pres. Kagame urged “Rwandans to work closely with him to find replacement” over the next 7 year but what gives us hope that what failed him since 1994 will be done over the next 7 years?

Take note that the new Rwandan Constitution granted Pres. Kagame an extra 7-years rule under Article 101 read in light of Article 172 of the “current” Rwandan Constitution! But why? What made him so exceptional that the Rwandan Constitution granted him a bonus rule? Could that be a sign a of his solid grip on power?

But what does history tell us ?

  • Pres. Dominique Mbonyumutwa —Ruled for 271 days, Set aside on 26th October 1961
  • Pres. Grégoire Kayibanda —Ruled for 11 years, 4 days, Removed in a Military Coup De’tat on 5 July 1973
  • Pres. Juvénal Habyarimana — Ruled for 20 years, 275 days, Assassinated on 6 April 1994
  • Pres. Théodore Sindikubwabo —Ruled for 2 days, Interim till 19 July 1994. Died in exile
  • Pres. Pasteur Bizimungu —Ruled for 5 years, 248 days, Resigned on 23 March 2000
  • Pres. Paul Kagame — Head of State since 2000, patiently waiting to be crowned King of Rwanda in 2024
As clearly shown above, Rwanda has never, ever and ever experienced a “democratic and peaceful transfer of power” yet Pres. Kagame seems to be pressing into that RED HOT ZONE again. But why?

I personally think we should simply crown Pres. Kagame King of Rwanda! The Rwandan Electoral Commission will soon spend over Rwf 5.5 billion in our upcoming elections, money which could be better spend to support malnourished young Rwandans within and beyond.

Crown Pres. Kagame King of Rwanda and Rwandans 🇷🇼🔥🔍😣

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