The Rwandan Mockingbird, The Rwigara Family Now Chained ⛓🇷🇼🕊

So I decided to visit the “Rwanda National Police Force” official website tonight to reconcile and clear my thoughts on the current pressing issues facing the Rwigara Family, ultimately anyone who have fallen short of the Glory of President Paul Kagame!

A modern-day Mockingbird, Diane Shima Rwigara

Mademoiselle Diane Shima Rwigara was blocked from challenging President Paul Kagame in August’s Presidential Election, and has since spent most of her precious time in custody and house arrests along with pressure from unlawful and unprecedented investigations for tax evasion and forgery.

To Kagame Supporter, the Rwigara Family is a disgrace, and the Government has invested so much resources, including thousands of taxpayers money to diverge her “Political Agenda”. On the other hand, the Rwigara Family reminds us of an almighty, yet humble Mockingbird echoing tenderly sounds of love, unity, genuine reconciliation and democracy in Rwanda.

To my disbelief, the Rwigara Family is yet to be charged of the following ungrounded offences as outlined on the Rwandan National Police Official Gazette:

  • Treason 😠😠
  • Forgery 🤔
  • Tax Evasion 🤔
  • Failing to Cooperate with the Investigators 🤔
  • Leaking Classified & Confidential Information 🤔

You do not have to be a legal expert, or someone with a “political mind” to understand that these fabricated charges are actually a disgrace and a sign of immature Police Force we have in Rwanda. This is a shame, but prayerfully the Rwandan Police Force will drop out from this deadly voyage. We are already in Day 3 of 5 days for the Rwandan Police Force to make up their senses. This is shameful !!!

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