Takeaways from our 2018 re:Invent Keynote Breakfast Club

Scott Coleman, Business Development Partner

Ignition and Work-Bench hosted our 2nd Annual Breakfast Club this past Wednesday morning at AWS re:Invent, with around 20 enterprise tech practitioners in attendance. The discussion in the room was lively, and there was much debate around AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP, with plenty of real-time feedback on what was announced during Andy Jassy’s keynote. Based on the discussion in the room, here are the top takeaways (lightly edited to render them PG-13).

  • Announcements skewed to incremental vs. revolutionary. In the last few years, AWS has announced Aurora, Sagemaker, Fargate, Lambda, and EKS, to name but a few of its new and transformational services; this year it was mostly enhancements to security, data services, and AI/ML. Hierarchical storage is cool and all have existed on-prem for a long time. Two notable exceptions were the two blockchain announcements and AWS’s on-prem solution called Outposts (more on these below).
  • Cloud battle moving on-prem. Outpost was the consensus “big deal” announcement to the folks in the room, all of whom still have large on-prem environments. This is actually a topic we wrote about last week.
  • Banks are where the money is. The announcements felt very finserv focused, and based on attendance from big banks at re:Invent this year, that market would appear to be approaching a tipping point towards cloud. As an aside, we had a strong presence from finserv firms in the room and not one said there were material blockchain projects underway.
  • Racecars! DeepRace = eSports for Nerdville (our favorite town, btw) and could be an interesting on-ramp for developers. That said, with all that’s going on in Cloudtown (another favorite town of ours), the fact that this garnered a spot in the keynote drove speculation that we are nearing the end of the cloud infra feature sprawl and that apps are next. Additionally, we look forward to the Work-Bench race car and we guarantee we will beat them at the next race.
  • Data gravity is the new vendor lock in. As was said in the room, “Amazon keeps inventing new ways to permanently capture my data.” AWS has 11 ways to get data into their cloud, which we estimate to be 10 more than there are ways to get data out.
  • The Network matters. One attendee said the most important announcement this week was the Route 53 announced earlier this week, which is a server that resolves DNS conflict between on-prem and cloud deployments. As a networking geek, this was music to my ears.

A massive thank you to the people that joined us and our co-hosts and good friends at @Work_Bench.

Looking forward to the 3rd annual KBC next year!