Diabetes is a challenging disease. It is intrusive, scary, and burdensome. My wife has struggled with Type 2 Diabetes for as long as we have been together and I have tried to understand the disease. It is complicated in that symptoms can be misleading and easy to overlook. Sometimes it is hard to tell if she is just hungry or if her blood sugar has completely bottomed out. Different medications can send her blood sugar sky-rocketing or crashing down.

Glucotrak App

I am working now on an app that can help her manage her blood sugar. The app is called Glucotrak and it is a simple, responsive, web-based app that does one thing: tracks blood sugars. The app is still in very early stages and will hopefully evolve over time but the idea is that tracking your blood sugar needs to be simple, unobtrusive, and reliable. There is no reason to add fancy bells and whistles.

By reaching out to the diabetic community I am hoping that I can get some useful feedback on what makes a good blood glucose tracking app. The app is currently available on for open beta at http://glucotrak.herokuapp.com. Just send an email to brian@resurgencewebdesign.com and we will register you to use the app. Since it is web based there is no need to download anything. It is cross platform compatible and should work on all modern browsers and smartphones.

For those of you who might be looking to contribute the project is opensource on Github at https://github.com/ignoreintuition/glucotrak and we will be using this for tracking issues and will be accepting pull requests. It is a NodeJS app with a MongoDB data layer using Express and VueJS on the front-end.

I am not expecting this app to be a groundbreaking utility. If, however, I can help a few people better manage their diabetes I feel as though I have done something good. Please share this with others, provide me with feedback on how I can improve the software, and squelch the negativity.

- BG