Data Visualization on the Front End using D3

Brain circuits for visually guided saccades. Courtesy of

Over the past several weeks I have been working on a comprehensive screencast series on D3 and Data Visualization in JavaScript. The first three videos are available now with several more in the works.

We’re rendering the final segment of my D3 series now. Check out the interactive demo:

Getting Started

Part 1 is a short overview of what the Data Driven Documents are and serves as a foundation for the subsequent screencasts:

Up and Running

Part Two is a much deeper overview titled “Up and Running”. Here we start to code and build out a rich SVG image using a JSON dataset. In this part we discuss loading data, scales, adding SVG to the page, binding data, and structure.

Form and Function

The latest video in the series “Form and Function” goes into much more detail about how to format your chart and refine the presentation. Here we discuss scales, the update phase, two dimensional data binding, and transposing graphs

Making it Interactive

Please share, comment, and follow if you would like to see more so I know that this is helping the community better understand this library. You can also view the GitHub repository with all the code samples here:

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