Be Beautiful, Be Independent

You are not standing on your own my Dear

Bound by illusions of freedom earned

Freely running around in self imposed cages

Can you not see my Dear, you are freely dependent

These stories are not yours

When they are, it is a foreign tongue

Who says your voice cannot be heard

I have heard these melodies, these words that roll out of your native tongue

They hold new and better narratives, please own it

This is for the kind money bag

Please do not lure my love into slavery once again

My love needs not thrive on your free money

Let open your markets and watch my Love trade

For in this she has her dignity and is truly independent

No more would my love await your gifts

Teach our children; true independence breeds intra-dependence

Who better to grow with

Than those with whom our hearts beat to the same rhythm

Those with whom we share a similar dream

Please let go of the free-dependence you hold so dear

Dare to fall

For if a good seed falls on good ground, growth is ineluctable

Dare to be independent

Dare to be the beautiful one I know.