Fuck this White Dude Game Theory

Ijeoma Oluo
Feb 2, 2017 · 2 min read

Ok, let me just say some shit here.

I have worked in the tech industry. I live in a tech city. Nowhere else in America will you find a culture more steeped in the supposed brilliance and ingenuity of white men. And when articles start coming out from white tech dudes stating that the resistance headed by women and POC is just playing into the hands of brilliant white dudes, I’m gonna need y’all to pause.

When articles are coming out from people with absolutely no political experience other than the fact that when they are playing computer games there’s always some hella complicated strategy and everything happens for some pre-planned reason, and suddenly that becomes the defining narrative, I’m gonna need y’all to pause.

And when those articles are making people doubt the effectiveness of getting out in the streets and marching (as if the fuck-all nothing everybody’s been doing before this was so damn effective) and makes people give up before they even start, I’m gonna need y’all to pause.

Why aren’t we questioning the narrative that we are fighting brilliant white dudes and only other brilliant white dudes can save us? How have we allowed people who have the least to lose in this battle shake our resolve?

This is scary. I know that. And we want to be able to understand everything that is happening. We don’t know what is going to happen next, and that sucks.

And no, we should not be underestimating this administration. Yes, we should be paying attention. Not because there is some secret plan in play, but because every day they are trying to shove evil shit by that we need to do our best to fight. I don’t think they are as brilliant as these tech dudes are making them out to be, or as dumb as those writing them off make them out to be. But either way, it doesn’t matter — they are very dangerous men who are harming people right now.

But even if we DID know what was going to happen next, even if we did have the entire master plan laid out for us — there is NOTHING in that plan that would make getting out into these streets, protesting, boycotting, resisting with everything you have not the right answer.

Fuck resistance fatigue. We’ve barely started. Have we forgotten what we’ve done in the past? Have we forgotten what the Civil Rights movement looked like? Where the fuck was resistance fatigue then? You know what causes resistance fatigue? Assholes who claim to be with us, telling us that our defeat is preordained and our protest is useless.

We have barely begun to fight.

Ijeoma Oluo

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