Black Business That Become White Controlled. Should black owned businesses allow this?

“Yes white supremacy does come to us in black skin!”

I’m beginning to see alot of major businesses fall apart, due to discrimination or a bad reputation. Just to name a few United Airlines, Pepsi, and just recently the black owned Shea Moisturizer, over a controversial ad that featured white models, with one light skined black model, and not one rich dark melanin model in sight.

But getting back on track about black owned businesses. Should black owned businesses give power and control to white people? And should they advertise their businesses using white models as a sales pitch? My answer to that is that it depends on the pitch and who you are pitching it too. Over all money talks and sees no color. We have to weigh the balance between who is master. Is it God or Money? The real answer is that we as black owned entities need to stick to our guns, and focus our vision on empowering black communities.

Its very easy for us to compromise and sell our souls when we see that big fat check offered to us. We need to understand that white supremacy comes in all shapes and colors. And we all know who that good old “uncle tom” is. White supremacy is a state of mind. Yes white supremacy does come to us in black skin! I believe thats why the box office hit movie “Get Out” was such a huge hit.

Because there were so many subtle truths in that movie. We need to keep our eyes on the prize during these trying times. A great example of a black owned business sticking to their guns, is the black owned razor company “Bevel.” He refused to be swayed by Schick and Gillette, no matter how big the figures offered to him were. It’s all about staying focused without compromising.

Most of us do know that the love of money is the root to all evil. Not money but the LOVE of it is. If we just look at money as a tool and not our master, we would do just fine. Just like how the devil offered to give christ control, over all the riches of the earth if he promised to bow down and worship the devil. Even if you dont believe there is a God or in the Bible, that’s a damn good analogy of what temptation and losing your soul is. A famous quote from Kanye West fits perfect to this situation.

He said and I quote “ I sold my soul to the devil: that’s a crappy deal Least it came with a few toys like a Happy Meal.” Kanye West is in a situation where he can’t “Get Out!” And if you are not careful and fall into the trans of money, you wont be able to “Get Out” either.

These days white supremacy is not all about color. They use color to distract us from what’s really going on. Money is the bait like cheese is to a rat. I can almost guarantee that if a dark skinned black individual, was to keep feeding money to a white supremacist with a white hood on, that white skinned red neck would love that black individual like a brother. Money not only just talks, but it can make you a slave too.

One Love,

Ike E Spells

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