Ike Dweck
Dec 18, 2018 · 1 min read

The transformation of malls, both “dead” and surviving, will be interesting to witness in the next few years! Repurposing that space has become necessary as shopping malls have lost traction. Whether for commercial purposes like showrooms and online retailer hubs or for residential areas, transforming shopping centers to appeal to the growing, changing demands of consumers is necessary. The nature of retail is changing due to the influence of digital disruption and online shopping. How retailers will adjust may determine their success and adaptability with future innovations.

    Ike Dweck

    Written by

    Ike Dweck

    Ike Dweck is the Founder of Stately.com, a carefully curated collection of home furnishings with a concierge approach to online shopping. Visit IkeDweck.co.

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