AICOIN: Building Wealth Through the Power of Artificial intelligence and the Blockchain

AI Coin is a new buzz in the world of Crypto currency which uses the best in class Artificial intelligence strategy combined with the “Wisdom of Crowd” to generate great returns for the investors. It is launched by the First Global Credit, a Block-chain capital market company.


How does it work?

· As we know that crypto markets are in a nascent stage with lot of inefficiencies, AI coin will be using Artificial intelligence and First Global Credit’s proprietary technology to actively trade the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, ETC, Monero and Augur.

Model will be taking advantage of this market inefficiencies to generate profit 24*7

· Profit Generated from this activity will be directed towards early stage block chain and Artificial intelligence startups. As we have seen in the recent past that some recently launched startups like Humaniq, EOS, ICONOMI has generated great returns for their investors, identifying similar startup in the early stage will be rewarding for AI Coin holders

Why you should invest in the AI Coin?

· Unlike the traditional stock market volatility in this crypto market is very high, for any currency to move in either direction around 10 to 25% is matter of minutes which makes it highly risky for any investor to take trading position.

Rather than finding trading opportunity in the market one can simply buy AI Coin and enjoy the profit generated by AI Coin’s highly efficient and proven trading model

· AI Coin can be considered the portfolio in itself as it diversify risk by trading multiple currency and investing money in multiple high potential block chain and Artificial startup which allow investor to sit back and relax without putting much effort

· First Global Credit platform will enable AI Token holder to invest in around 200 stocks from US, UK and Hong Kong. It also makes it possible to invest in the Future through the platform

Some of the stocks are Apple Inc, Boeing, Barclays Bank PLC etc

· Investor also do not need to worry about Liquidity of the token as the 10% of seed investment pool will be used to purchase AICOINS at 5% below the

Current asset value of the token which will reduce supply from the market and drive AI Coin price up

· AI Coin will be listed on biggest exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex

What about transparency of the entire system?

· Read only API key for all used exchange will be provided to Token holder to validate the Balances at different exchanges

· All cryptocurrency assets held outside of exchanges will be held at published address to enable investors to validate the fund

· All Fiat assets maintained in the bank will be published to the investor on daily basis

· As the token is issued as smart contract, investors will be able to participate in the startup selection procedure for investment through voting rights

How to Buy AI Coins?

Investor can buy AI Tokens from the official website of the AI Coin by using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin

Subscription period: Monday 17th July to Sunday 28th August 2017

For more Information visit

AICoin User name Kishan748

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