Bowhead Health : Personalized health platform on Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is disrupting the way we live our lives. It is making disruption in financial technology, Virtual reality, Cloud computing, Supply chain and what not. One of the major areas where Blockchain technology can put to be used is Health sector. Most of the countries spend a considerable amount of their GDP to protect the health of the citizen. Personal health care is also on the rise and people are becoming more and more aware about their personal health and fitness. But still doctors, diagnostic centers, Hospitals and other firms play a major role when it comes to Patient and their data. Patient’s important data is stored in a centralized way and every party stores the data of the patient in a different location which cannot be tracked at once. All different parties also use this data to get personal benefits and patient gets nothing in return. Bowhead is an upcoming project which uses the Blockchain technology in the health sector to effectively manage the personal health of the individual and data through the innovative device.

What is Bowhead platform?

Bowhead has made an innovative device which you may refer something related to Internet of Things (IOT), a device which is connected to the internet. This device can monitor the health of the individual and track it. The patient can track the record of his own health through a smart phone. The device is also capable of distributing supplements as per the user requirement. The user’s health data that is created and securely stored on the Blockchain and only accessible to the user. Patient simply follows the instruction and inserts its saliva into the device and device analyze the inputs through complex algorithm and generates the report. The data is analyzed by healthcare expert to give advice to the patient

Bowhead has the native token of the system called Anonymized Healthcare Token (AHT) which uses the smart contract to manage the data for the patient. Doctors and clinical researcher can contact Bowhead for the kind of profile they want for the researcher, Bowhead will find the suitable profile of the patient in the network and will inform the patient, if the patient wants to participate in the study then he can lease the data to researcher through smart contract. Only the data that patient wants to share will be shared through consent and patient will have full control over his data. As entire system works on Blockchain, patient‘s data is secure and in total control with patient only

Unique features

· Bowhead is working to develop a biometric device which can test fertility and pregnancy. It is also working to taste Vitamin D, Cortisol, Malaria, TB and Sex hormones

· Bowhead have automatic dispenser which can dispense medicines on time

· Through the application of Bowhead, patient gets timely reminder for the medicines and health check-ups

· Mobile app can analyze health data

· Personalized advice for the patient from Medical advisor through app and another medium

· In future Bowhead, device can be connected to wearables and other smart devices to receive data and analyze

· Patient can sell data to researcher and earn AHT Tokens

· Researcher will get patients valuable and genuine data to study

Bowhead Token sale

Bowhead uses the way platform to issue tokens and has a max supply of 100M tokens. The price of the token is fixed at $0.65 but the early investor can buy this at discount

Bowhead is surely the innovative platform and the future of the Healthcare. it will surely disrupt the industry in upcoming future.

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