Digital Developers Fund : Diversify your portfolio

Till the July 2017 around $650 m have been raised in crowd funding and many more are lined up to raise fund. It has become intensely difficult for investors to identify potential ICOs to invest. Everyday people bang their head against the wall as they are unable to generate great returns even after putting a lot of effort and time. If you are one of them then Digital Developers Fund is something you can’t ignore.

Digital Developers Fund

Digital Developers fund was founded in as “Domain Developer Fund” in 2010 as Cayman Island open ended Administered Fund. It has main business of Domain Investing, some of the examples of the domains held by it are,, and They sold some of the domains as high as $16 m. Money that will be generated from this ICO will be invested in Domains, Crypto currencies and other Digital assets

DDF Portfolio

  • DDF will create unique fund for its investor by investing in the Crypto currencies with at least $100 M market cap and some high potential ICOs. It will also 15% of ICO value in a reserve fund of min.
  • 25% BTC, min. 25% ETH and max. 50% cash
  • Premium Domains which will be sold in Millions and Income producing Domain names
  • Crypto currency Mining

Why you should invest in DDF?

  • DDF can be considered as mutual fund which diversifies investor’s risks in different asset class which reduces the effort and risk of the investor
  • Investing in Domain name has generated high class return for this company and same can be expected in future, this allows normal investor to invest in this growing space
  • DDF will also invest in mining project and as we know mining is not easy to do and profitable for small investor, it will allow them to do indirectly through this fund
  • Profit that will be generated from above activities will be distributed amongst its investor as dividend through smart contract quarterly

ICO Details

ICO Period: — July 10 to August 9

Token Symbol: — DDF

Token Supply: — 247,500,000 DDF

Exchange Rate: -1,000 DDF = 1 ETH

Unused Tokens : — Burnt After ICO

Accepted Currencies: — ETH

Role of Token : — Proof-of-Membership, Access to Profit Distribution

Website : —

Twitter : —

Facebook: —

LinkedIn: -

Official Slack: —

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