Sand Coin: “Quarrying” the Way towards a New Ecosystem

Sand Coin is a Russian based project, started by Ruslan Pichugin. The plan of the project is to basically use the blockchain technology in order to raise funds to build a sand quarry in the Moscow Region.

Given the development and the need for raw materials to build infrastructure in Moscow at the moment, the Sand Coin initiative does have a strong demand. The tokens raised will help in mining non-metallic materials. These materials will in turn help in the development of new infrastructure in Moscow. This will help create a “New Ecosystem” through the blockchain technology, via cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of the project

With close proximity to the center of Moscow and a 109-hectare plot of land, Sand Coin has sufficient raw materials required for the implementation of the project. The land owned by the team is valued at $1.8 million as a real estate property and even has the required license from the Russian Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency.

Currently, the construction of the Central Ring Road, the railroad connection along Central Ring Road and a new highway is underway. Along with this, the government has demolished precarious residential property to replace it with modern housing units. Hence, raw materials, such as sand, will be in demand for developing these projects.

By offering units of sand to investors, they plan to create a sand mining entity. These sand units will then be sold for the purpose of construction and the investors will be able to earn money on it. This will help establish an ecosystem that will enable the development of the city-remodeling.

Project implementation

The total volume of sand is estimated to be 14.4 million cubic meters and the average market price of 1 cubic meter of sand is $5.30. The idea behind this ambitious project is to tie up a value to each unit of sand and offer it to investors. The estimated total earnings of the quarry, according to the Sand Coin whitepaper, are $76,320,000.

Sand Coin already held their Pre-ICO in August 2017 and initiated their ICO in September 2017. After raising the required funds, the next step for the team is to connect power grids, construct the required infrastructure for sand mining and purchase equipment. This process will be followed by the construction of the sand quarry and the initiation of the buyback launch. The tokens buyback will start nine months after the fundraising ends for the Sand Coins. The team will go on to expand their project by creating another sand quarry in 2020.


The project of Sand Coin is one that is truly unique and has a token with a genuine asset tied to it. Keeping in mind the demand for the raw materials of the sand quarry and the profitable prize offered during the token, Sand Coin does show a lot of potentials. It would prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Moreover, the main goal of Sand Coin is to provide the required resources for the development of infrastructure for the Moscow region. This means that the project would have a strong backing from the government and the public of Russia due to which it would have the surest potential for growth.

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