Being a Mother makes me a better technologist:
amelia abreu

I am glad to see that others are trying to help you see the bigger picture here. I hope you can get to a deeper understanding of life one day. I hope that you will come to understand the fact that there are other people in the world who know nothing of politics, and for whom poverty is a very real thing that is borne of systems — systems that are influenced by very powerful women. It is one thing to write about poverty, and to see it in movies — it is another thing entirely to walk through an ocean of it in real life…and to live in it.

I hope you can at least get a tiny bit more wisdom before your daughter reaches early adulthood. Once they get past 7–8 their personalities are really pretty well formed. I wish this not so much for you, but for your daughter. These are my kind wishes for your next generation. I hope you will agree with me and reflect a bit more on the limiting lenses through which you see the world. I sense that you are better than this.