I’m a reporter in Mexico. My life is in danger. But the United States wouldn’t give me asylum
Washington Post

The worst thing about articles like this is that they contribute to the decline of empathy. When everyone hates us and our systems for the vast array of reasons they do (racism, sexism, corruption, homophobia, anti-Semitism, greed, Trump, Clinton, etc.) it can have a numbing effect. When almost every writer everywhere has an agenda that is predicated upon an appeal to our emotions, it slowly kills one’s ability to care. How can I care about everything every day all day without going mad?

Something has to give…or something is going to burn out.

It is clear that articles like this are nothing more than thinly veiled attacks on the people and values I hold dear. It attacks systems that have supported countless millions of immigrants in the past who came her under much more dire circumstances. Pieces like this can come across as spitting in the face of every other immigrant group ever — and from a person who has done nothing to contribute.

The social justice, virtue signaling, victim, and other various outrage banners are looking tattered. No. It is worse — they are looking increasingly corrupt and aimed a gaining political leverage with people whose empathy has not been burned out. This feels wrong to me.

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