Q2 company Updates

We will be releasing monthly updates about all the developments at World Tech as we get close to software releases in the incoming months and the roll out of international operations.

Q2 OKRs — general overview

We reached 60% of our OKRs this second quarter of the year. Our main goals were met yet and we expect an improvement in terms of percentage completion as we strengthen our team and communities. Our team turnover was 0% which had never happened before and we are now 16 people working from two main areas: Product Development and Customer Development. We attribute this to a more mature team (age average remains 25 thou) and a clearer business strategy.

  • Our C-suite grew 400% and we now have leads on the ground in Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Spain and Colombia. More about this in the next weeks as we consolidate strategy and tactics.
  • In terms of product, we are at 100% in design and usability tests for Nativo Digital, closing deals with different stakeholders and eager to start piloting our platforms in different markets. We expect to have reached a user data base of at least 80,000 users within Q3 and Q4 while extending nation-wide efforts for a 2-million market base for Q1 2018.

Major education trends

We have identified key players in different ecosystems notably for STEM K12 efforts. We continue as official partners with Code.org in Latin America and as we prepare global events such as The Hour of Code, we are developing our whole product ecosystem for different stakeholders: students (age 4 to 18), parents, teachers and schools. Some European cuntries are following England’s step with nation-wide mandatory STEM K12 education i.e. Spain but Latin America remains behind (besides Argentina with the program.ar effort at the national level). We oversee key partnerships to change this.

We continue working with the public and private sector in Colombia as we consolidate efforts to democratize high-quality technology education. In terms of political stability, Colombia remains quite polarized ahead of the 2018 presidential elections. Mexico is also a few months away from electing a new president but the situation is more stable and Brazil continues its unstable and long-lived political conyenture. We maintain our intention to continue working with the public sector yet we see a drastic change of cash inflows as we launch our software in the next months.

Timeline for on-site bootcamps

The World Bank results are out in the next weeks. This is the first “Rapid Skills Training Research” ever developed in emerging economies with a special focus on the impact of coding bootcamps. It represents the major effort to position alternative education systems to a widening and urgent global problem: the digital gap.

Don’t lose the opportunity to follow first hand how an audited research study developed by Rice University, presents a solution to:

  1. Youth unemployment
  2. Youth disengagement
  3. Digital Gap — hence multi-millionaire losses for private sector
  4. Disenchanted social impact metrics from the public sector perspective

Your can find more information here. We launched operations for new on-site programs in our main markets and have increased our user database by 500% on average, largely due to a more coherent growth hacking strategy.

Timeline for Nativo Digital

We initiate pilots in Spain, Colombia and Mexico in Q3 and Q4. We are partnering with PhD students to measure learning outcomes from students who have early, private access to the platform.

As part of the MECATE program by the Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey, we expect to roll out bigger efforts and a 4-month pilot program in Guadalajara — Jalisco, starting in January 18 with the possibility to impact 2.2 million children in the area in Q1 and Q2 2018. Learn more about MECATE here.

In Brazil we already started growth efforts with a database that surpasses a 7-million reach. More on this in the next weeks.

In terms of product development, we expect to:

  • release the v2 mobile software for September´s pilots
  • reach 10,000 pre-SIGNUPs by the end of Q3
  • integrate APIs for adaptive learning systems and a faster backend


We start our program with Agora Partnerships in July 28th in a city nearby CDMX as we prepare our due diligence for our seed round.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Github and Vimeo. If you have questions about other things don’t hesitate to contact us at info@worldtechmakers.com or ilana@worldtechmakers.com

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