Actaeon Displaces N-Beyond to Run Overture Mission

Media giant Actaeon has acquired the right to supervise the Overture mission. Details of the negotiation are still coming to light, but the groundbreaking deal is rumored to be over a billion dollars. N-Beyond, the former frontrunner in the bidding war, was said to be offering an amount in the low eight figures.

Iris Hernandez, COO of N-Beyond and the face of the Overture negotiations, declined to give an opinion on Actaeon’s suitability to oversee the mission, but did seem to confirm that the Actaeon deal was unexpected:

“As of last Friday, we felt we made a fair offer and had demonstrated our ability to manage the mission. But clearly, this is the direction they want to go in.”

Actaeon has not released an official statement, but a press conference has been scheduled for Wednesday. Ruby Turner has yet to break her media silence since last April, when she took issue with reports that she could be charged with kidnapping after a disagreement with an adoption agency while filming Say Maybe to the Baby.

Whether Actaeon will take the mission over entirely or serve as a figurehead isn’t known, though in the last 3 days, several people have been laid off, suggesting that the reality television company plans to make significant moves in advance of the upcoming shift change that’s slated to take place aboard the Overture in the next few months. The personnel let go are reported to be engineers from a department that implements software updates to various systems aboard the ship.

Ilana Magrisso is an independent Sci/Tech journalist. Read more on Twitter.

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