Content Marketers — Put Down The Video Camera. Here Are My Top 10 Reasons Audio Blows Away Video
Lee Kantor

I get most of your points and I even agree with many of them. But I need to ask you this question — how many business audio podcasts go viral? There’s only a handful that do, and their content is totally different than the type of video content you are comparing them to in this article.

My daughter has a business podcast, yet earlier today she heard from one of her listeners who said they found her from one of her YouTube videos (yes it was a “talking head” video) and they have been binge listening to her back catalog ever since.

I love both mediums — but personally I find it much easier to make a video than to make an audio podcast. The person creating the content needs to feel comfortable with the medium they use to deliver value to their audience. Every podcaster should have some level of comfort getting in front of the camera so that when we get called for a TV interview, we’ll be ready.

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