Series Review: 13 Reason Why | Your Action Have Consequences

NOTE: I don’t know how exactly I’m going to review this. There are lots of things that I’m not familiar to me because I’m not from the U.S, especially the life of teenagers over there. In here, where I lived, there is no denying that bullying exists and still happening, not just between student, but also the teacher, but so far no report of suicide cause by bullying that I know of. Well, I hope there aren’t any. So this review is solely based only from my experience and the series itself and no I have not read the book yet.

13 Reason Why is a series from Netflix based on the book by the same name. The whole premise of the show is that a girl named Hannah has committed suicide and had recorded her reasons on a tape. Thus the title 13 Reason Why. Then these tapes were being passed on until it reaches our main character, Clay one of her “friend” and he got the tapes because he is one of the reasons why she committed suicide.

The story itself is a mystery. Yes, this show is a mystery genre kind of show. Each character is a mystery that will be explored in each thirteen episodes. Some of the things that are revealed are quite over-dramatic, but it never feels too much, just the appropriate amount. There are things going on where you occasionally roll your eyes because of the weird decision the characters made.

Hannah Baker, the girl who cried for help…

The big theme of the series is suicide, bullying and the people that are being affected by it. The characters, at least for me were good, but not great. There are moments where I feel like they were being written by a writer that doesn’t know much about teenage life, but then again my knowledge is limited what their life is like. Clay and Hannah had the most character development in the show. Also, I think Justin is one of the few interesting characters in the series. His development is on point and clear. The rest is fine. They’re there because they needed to be there, for the story’s sake.

One thing I would praise about this show is its fluency in transitioning between the present and the past. The story takes place in two places, the present and the past. In order for the story to unfold, it needs to frequently transition between the present and the past. The way made it is really good. The audience would never be confused whether a scene takes place in the past or present because they will know it. Visually when we are in the past, it’s much more colourful and bright, while in the present it’s much more bluish-cool colour were used, presenting the gloomy atmosphere of the present after Hannah had died. It really is neat. There are also scenes that I think are too graphic (not going to say what it is because it’s part of the story).

Overall the show is good, filled with flaws that I think the audience will overlook. Unlike other people, I don’t think this show glorify suicide, instead it’s trying to prevent one from happening, especially in teenager. Also to be frank, we don’t really need a season 2, unless they came up with another story.

She cried for help, people listened, but they chose to ignore….

Final Grade: 7.5/10

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