Lean Startup Lesson #5: Don’t just read the book “The Lean Startup”, work with it

The Lean Startup is not another book you should read and return to the the book shelf. It is a guide you should work with and think critically throughout. As you read it, take notes, reflect on your company, other companies you know or have worked at. Share it with your team, co-founders, your spouse and friends. Take it with you to the office, and have your team read it.

Similar to a lecture in college, most of us do not remember and grasp the lecture in details just by attending it. You must complete the tasks, labs, read the materials again and again, and reflect on them. Reading the Lean Startup is not enough. You have to do the labs, experiments and homework that come along with reading the book and make it work for you. The only difference is that as an entrepreneur you are both the professor and the student. You would be the one planning and managing the tasks and labs for you and your team, and the one grading your lab reports.

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