Improving the Shopping Experience in Second Life

For a while, I’ve felt like doing something for Second Life and all its users. My skills and free time are limited. I can script… somewhat, but it has been a long time since I’ve last touched LSL.

Today, I had an idea — a good one for all I know. Something, or rather somethings have been bugging me for the last years. Well, a lot of things.

Shopping in Second Life is a nightmare at best, specially at events. Events are a gathering of a whole range of stores, all with their own annoying little issues. Issues that at first seem very minor, but shop after shop, day after day will cause you to get very frustrated and annoyed.

The Issues We Have All Experienced

Like I said, the issues are often very minor ones. For example you want to try a demo, you pay L$ 0 for it and want to try it on the spot. Some of the times, the demo doesn’t unpack itself and the land doesn’t allow dropping of objects. We’ve all been there, it’s annoying and you end up either leaving for a sandbox or manually making folders and dragging contents from the object into it — hoping the permissions allow it.

We all experience(d) this, some may get frustrated by it and cease their shopping trip. Others just suck it up and continue, and some may not be bothered.

There’s a whole list I could put together, but it would take time and achieve nothing because only a few might read it, and even fewer will do anything about it.

How Do We Fix This?

I’ve thought about a solution that may or may not work. If it doesn’t, well at least I’ve tried!

For the solution, I need you. There’s a whole list of issues, and for each issue there’s a bunch of possible solutions. It’s up to everyone who shops in Second Life to decide what the best solution is.

How Do I Help?

Over the course of the next days, weeks, months, … however long it may take, I’ll be writing about issues and putting together surveys that you can fill in. These surveys will contain a brief explanation of the issues, possible solutions, how much priority it has to you, etc etc.. I still have to work out the details myself!

What you can (and should!) do is fill in the surveys, bring up issues or experiences you had, help find solutions, etc. I’m not quite sure yet how I should spread the word and how to communicate everything but I’m thinking via a group in Second Life, one of those subscribe-o-matic things or just the comments here — I’m open for suggestions!

How Do We Enforce This?

Well we can’t, the decision is up to the store owners. But I was thinking about creating a label that shops can apply for if they meet a certain set of guidelines that we set up, based on all the data we gathered from the surveys. Using the priority we give the issues, we could determine whether something should be required or optional to get the label.

If you have a better idea, please let me know!

Well, I hope this post is the start of a stress-free shopping experience in the future and that every store owner is going to want to have the label to make their customers happy!

Please share this with your friends and do give feedback, it wont work if we don’t work together! You are the deciding factor for me to go through with this or not!

Update 1:

Update 2: I quit, no feedback.

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