Thai One On: Faceless Portraits NFTs

Illiquid Vapor
3 min readAug 15, 2021


Thai NFT artists are having a moment right now. There’s an incredible groundswell of support for this niche community of creators and their unique artistic styles (look no further than trending Twitter hashtags like #ThaiNFT or #NFTTHAILAND for confirmation).

Currently, my favorite Thai NFT artist is sorryvrerror (Twitter/Website), whose Faceless Portraits collection on OpenSea keeps getting stronger and stronger with each new drop.

Faceless Portraits NFTs: Faceless 007
Faceless Portraits NFTs: Faceless 082
Faceless Portraits NFTs: Faceless 114

There’s a lot to like about this collection:

  1. A talented female artist creating distinctive 1/1 PFPs featuring female subjects (in a space where women are woefully underrepresented in both roles)
  2. Small 5-piece “batch” drops, where the artist applies her signature style to a range of different themes and inspirations (more on these below)
  3. A fairly equitable drop system, combining miniature gas wars with raffles and auctions to make sure collectors — both old and new — have an equal opportunity to obtain new pieces
  4. An insanely affordable price structure (her newest pieces are still underpriced at 0.013 to 0.015 ETH imo, but at least they’re no longer criminally underpriced at 0.007 ETH the way they were a month ago)
  5. A friendly, intimate Faceless Portraits Discord community, where the artist is very engaged and the admins do a great job of grassroots community building (including rewards for Faceless Portraits holders)

In short, this project has all the requisite variables in place to really make some noise in the NFT space. It checks all the boxes you want to see checked as a collector and community member, basically.

The one thing it doesn’t currently have — hype — actually works in its favor at this point in my opinion. Hype takes time; it’s something that builds organically as fans and converts evangelize the project and spread the word about it. And as a collector, it’s certainly better to be a part of building said hype than paying a price premium for it after a collection really takes off.

Either way, the ceiling for any NFT project is dictated by the art itself — how good it is, how original it is, how it evolves, and how the artist “packages” it re: promotion and release. And these are all areas in which sorryvrerror really shines in my opinion! In particular:

Her use of small-batch “thematic” drops keeps the collection fresh and interesting, while also highlighting her artistic versatility.

Faceless 215 from a recent “Friday the 13th” themed drop
Faceless 128 from a recent “Tokyo Olympics” themed drop
Faceless 202 from a recent Ganesha themed drop (the artist does mix in GIFs to the collection, which I quite like from a variety standpoint… plus, her instincts are perfect re: subtle usage of motion, in a manner that enhances the piece instead of distracting from it)
Faceless 136 from a recent Van Gogh themed drop
Faceless 154 from a recent space themed drop

TL;DR if you’re looking for beautiful, original NFT eye candy, the Faceless Portraits collection on OpenSea is worth checking out! The artist, sorryvrerror, is talented, dedicated to her craft, and serious about building a rewarding community experience for her collectors.