The blockchain technology is one of the best things that have happened to the development of different industries of the world. This has helped them changed from the centralized way of operation to a more innovative decentralized option. The digital currency is based on the blockchain technology and allows fast and transparent transactions as opposed to what we have in the conventional way of operating in different industries. The cryptocurrency exchange is the online marketplace where digital cryptocurrencies can be sold and bought. But the currency exchanges in the cryptocurrency market are faced with different challenges which are what Bixtrim platform is out to solve with their innovative blockchain platform.


Bixtrim is an innovative blockchain based platform that is out to make cryptocurrency exchange efficient and easy for its potential users. The Bixtrim platform is integrated with various features you will find on recent digital currency exchanges globally. The platform team has a vision of making digital currency exchange accessible to every user. The platform will allow the use of BMX token for most of the transactions on the platform. This token will grant the users of the platform access to cryptocurrency services readily than they ever thought possible which will be possible with an active partnership with the banking industry to fast-track different fiat to digital currency exchanges. The platform will be able to execute up to 100000 transactions every second of the day. The token used on the platform will help break the barrier between the digital currency and retail markets. Because the digital currency market is still growing dues to new projects been created daily, this comes with its corresponding challenges also. The Bixtrim platform is solving these challenges with their innovative blockchain platform. Few of the fantastic opportunities offered by the platform are listed below: 
• Digital currency to fiat exchanges and fiat to digital currency conversion
• Crypto pawnshop to reduce the risk of losing your crypto asset
• The escrow services implemented by various digital currency
• Debit Cards that eliminate all form double taxations and facilitate smooth transactions

The holder of the BXM token can earn more through the referral program introduced by the platform. The registered users who have purchased the platform token will get a referral link that can be used by others that want to join the project. The holder of the token that shares their referral links will get 10% of the registered user on Bixtrim platform. The token set aside for this program is 6 500 000 units.

The token used on the Bixtrim platform is called BXM. The holder of such token will get up to 60% discount when they transact with it on the platform. This token can be used for all transaction on the platform. 
One BXM is $1.

Token Ticker: BXM
Platform: Ethereum
Token Price: $1
Funds Raised: $468,000
Token For Sale: 53,600,000 BXM
Total Supply: 72,000,000 BXM



BIXTRIM is a blockchain based platform that is bent on making cryptocurrency exchange accessible to all users. The experienced team behind this project is dedicated to the solution of various challenges faced presently in the crypto market. The individual interested in the platform will be able to buy the BXM token which will allow them to transact and perform various transactions on the platform. For any additional information click on the link below:


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