Android development options: what are they for and what should we activate

Android has many options to configure the phone to our liking. We can go to settings and there touch the screen or sound, but there is also a section for advanced called “developer options.” In this hidden menu we have a long list of settings that often go unnoticed but can help us in specific situations.
How can we access the business mobile application development service? The first step is to activate them and for this you must go to Settings> Device information and press seven times on the compilation number. Once we press repeatedly we will get a message of “Now you are a developer!” Then you just have to go back and in the list of settings we will see this new section called business mobile application development service options at the end.

The question we will try to solve here is what all the Android development options are for and what their function is. A list to try to quickly discern which can be useful and understand all the possibilities we have in our Android, whatever the manufacturer. Mobile game application development service Is used in many applications.

Create bug report

This option can be used in two ways, but both with the same purpose: an interactive report and a complete one. It is a question of elaborating a text document with a lot of information that shows the general functioning of the mobile and lets you know if something is failing. Very useful when we have a problem and we want to share information in a forum or web to solve it.

Password copy computer

If we connect our Android to the PC and have USB debugging enabled, we can use ADB commands to backup our Android. Through this option we can also create a password so that this backup is encrypted and only accessible by us.

Screen active / always on when charging

A very clear option. If we activate the screen will never go to sleep while we are charging, very useful if for example we see a movie from the phone or tablet and we do not want it to turn off.
Enable OEM unlock

If you want to remove the protection of your Android this option must activate. In some mobiles the boot loader is already unlocked, in the rest through here we can do it and then the anti-theft protection that allows us among other things to root the mobile will be removed.

Execution services

This option sends us to a section where the memory of the device is shown, which occupy the applications and the active processes in each moment. An essential section to control all resources consumed.

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