I started photography, and learned so much more

This is the very first test of me talking about photography.

I took numerous photographs this year, including ones from Canada and from France. I am a rookie so when I take a look at my Flickr account I can see the beginner I am, and how much I am focusing on finding myself, and finding what kind of pictures I like to do most.

This isn’t an easy question, and I think it will take me a big bunch of months before I get an answer to this. I won’t wait for it and this is why I continue to take pictures, without asking myself if it will be fun, or if this will reflect my identity. Because I don’t have a real identity, for now.

And yet, I love practicing. Not only it gives me an excuse to go out, taking a deep breath, sometimes even meditating, and being with myself for a few hours, without any barriers to what I can do. Since I started taking pictures, I noticed how much I improved my visual senses.

I have very good eyes, and it helped me a lot in my life. But until now, I was only seeing. Now I am not only seeing, but I am also looking and focusing.

When a few months ago I saw a tree, now I cam looking at the tree, getting closer to watch for insects, feeling amused when something new is in front of me.

The purpose of this article is for me to take a bit of perspective of what I have done so far and, in a few months, being able to look back and see how I improved and where I am going.

Theatres des Celestins. Lyon, France

This one has been taken while walking with my cousin. We both wanted to spend an afternoon to take some nice picture while the sky was blue and the sun high.

We stopped in the “Place des Célestins” to get the most out of this theater. Even though there was a deep backlight, I though this would help me in making this architecture nicer and the trees on each side brighter.

This place is really well-placed. Not too far from the main roads, and a bit aside from them, so the place is quiet while being easy to go. At night, there is always something to see at the theater, and you can sit while seeing people laughing and smiling beneath the moon light and the streetlights.

Jean Macé. Lyon, France

This is one of my favorite. I reeeeeeally like taking pictures by night. Even in a city like Lyon, night is quite calm and peaceful. I took this one on the night of a Friday. There were only a few people, and most of them were drunk, laughing for nothing, and joking with friends. There isn’t many cars, just enough for me to sit on the side of the road, and wait for the right moment.

I was in a special mood, where I could stay forever here, listening to the silence and looking at the lights. This is what I was talking about when I said Photography made me learn to look instead of just see. And I look at the cars and think “How was this car made?” or at the ads “Why people who made this, thought it was a good idea to make it this way?”.

That kind of question, you don’t have much time on the 21st century to ask them to yourself. And it is why taking a time for you is so good. You discover plenty of new things you could do before, but didn’t have time to think about or didn’t want to. And sitting there on the road, taking some photography, staying two or three hours at the same place, definitely takes you away from a good night of sleep, but is worth it.

L’Arbresle, France

And to finish, I took this one on a short week with my father out of the city, eating too many barbecues and staying too much time on my computer.

But even though I spend quite more time on my computer than most people, it doesn’t mean that I cannot spend my time out of my computer and in fact, I love being without my computer sometimes (Yay, you guys at the back thinking of Geeks and Nerds as not being capable of living IRL, you can think again about these old clichés)

And here is where I leave you. With this sunny sky and theses beautiful shadows in the clouds.

I hope to see you soon and, if you like photography like me, lets get in touch!