How Augmented Reality will Make you more Beautiful
Chris Herd

I think AR is an awesome field of research and experiment (far more than VR), but it is still in early ages, with focus on glasses, photos, social networks, etc…
You mention having a library right to our eyes. This is a crucial point IMHO. Two things I’d like to have since years now:
- Ctrl+F in real life. Seriously, that would be awesome
- While shopping, having more details about a product: what are the meaning of the ingredients, is it a vegan product, does it contains allergens, etc…
But still can’t find something like this for now :/ And buying a 1000$ smart glasses to develop an app that can do that, is far away from what I can buy x) These devices need to be cheaper to make developers interested in. Until then, we will have just basics apps I think

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