My team and I, at Blockchain Productivity, integrate and deploy IT systems for bulk computing applications. Our AmbientCube enables us to deliver computing in a modular footprint for a variety of scenarios. We have deployed more than 320 teraflops of capacity in a non-traditional decentralized data center and are pushing the envelope to see what we can do.

TL;DR — Over the last year we have incrementally built a supercomputer and now have access to a large quantity of network enterprise servers. We are going to do something interesting with 20,000 Ivy Bridge Cores for a 12-hour period every few…

Amazing things are happening in Sports all over the world. Spectacular programs such as the Dodgers Accelerator and Stadia Ventures; spaces such as The Pitch; Venture Capital Funds such as Will Ventures; and resources such as Starters, Sports Business Journal, and SportTechie continue to add to the conversation. Sports is even getting its very own research powerhouse, the Sports Innovation Lab (think Gartner or Forrester for sports).

I have found that there is a unique concentration of awesome sports and sports tech activity going on locally as well. It is my goal to use this note as a way to…

Who owns your data?

‘Who owns your data’ is one of the more interesting conversations of our time because until very recently in human history a conscious effort would be undertaken to share your data with others (this is especially true for passive data that you are generating every day). As is often the case, technology is far ahead of society. A seminal example of this phenomenon is the productization of online privacy.

Sports teams serve as ground zero for this discussion. …

Ilya Tabakh

Always exploring and researching something fascinating,

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