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It’s a solid move for Toronto because they get a nice defender who plays hard and moves off of the waste of space that is Sullinger. But Tucker isn’t going to be stopping or slowing down LeBron. He gives Toronto some options to play with for their lineups and depth. But let’s be real the Raptors are going to come down to how Lowry and Derozan play. If they play like have in the playoffs, they might not even win their first series, let alone get to the ECF.

For Toronto to have any shot of making a finals run, Lowry and Derozan will have to have their best shooting streaks of their life and get good contributions from their role players, and have the Cavs play below their standrards.

Lowry and Derozan are very good players, but with this supporting roster, I don’t think it’s good enough to be a legit finals contender. They would hypothetical 3rd All-Star caliber player, like say Marc Gasol or LaMarcus Aldridge to be a serious finals contender, imo. This is a good team no doubt, will give Cavs, C’s or Wiz a very tough series but no better than making it to the ECF.

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