I think a lot of it comes back to the lack of shooting.
Jonathan Tjarks

Yup, I do think Cal is still slow to the progression of today’s game of basketball and the 3 point shot as far as seemingly not have a high interest in perimiter shooters in recruiting and playing them. The “should have been undefeated” team from 2 years ago, I always was frustrated Cal never seemed to get Booker and Lyles more involved. I always felt their offense was little too simple, but it works when you have that much great talent, plus they were so good on defense. However, you saw it start to catch up with them vs Notre Dame and bit them in the butt vs Wisconsin, plus having a missed shot clock violation and Kaminsky torching WCS. ( I still can’t get over how bad Kaminsky worked WCS like a dog,and yet the Kings drafted him 6th lol)

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