The Unconventional Indian Transport System

It won’t be wrong if I would say that each and every citizen of this country dreams of traveling in an aircraft. And in order to fulfill the same the “Modi” Government kick-started the UDAN scheme in October 2016. I was a bit amazed with this scheme as it capped all one hour flights for RS 2500 and the funny part was our honorable prime minister wanted Hawai Chappal to fly in the same flights. I mean why was this move taken? We all wanted the flight rates to come down but this move increased the prices. A flight ticket from Mumbai — Ahmedabad would be available anywhere around 1.2k to 1.8k INR and the flying time is close to 1 Hour. I mean just look at the bizarreness of this scheme, it was meant to bring more people on board but no our government expects that the so called Hawai chappals would pay more than the regular to board an aircraft. Although this wasn’t enough, Indian railways announced its semi high speed luxurious train the “Tejas Express” which would traveling from Mumbai to Goa. The total distance between the two destinations in around 630KM and the train is expected to cover this distance in 8.5 Hours. The ticket fares range from 1700–2600 roughly. Again why would you travel by this train? On a regular day a flight from Mumbai to Goa cots you around Rs1700 and it also saves you 7.4 hours traveling when compared to the train. So now you expect the Hawai chappal to pay more for a journey which can be completed in 1.1 hours and roughly at 25% less cost!! Traveling in India has never been this much tragic as on one hand we are paying more to let the Hawai chappal travel in air and on the other hand the government is introducing new trains which are costlier than flights. This is sarcastic and annoying for the customers at the same time. I hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s emotions with this post. I am extremely proud of our country and our prime minister as well, but the only thing which I wanted to convey with this post is “Government must look into the Public transport system not just to have Hawai chappals on board, but it’s the responsibility of the government to introduce public transport which is affordable and Time efficient at the same time. For a developing country like India it is very much important to use its resources in an efficient manner. The government must focus to improve the mode of transport by providing people with time efficient and cheap means of travel rather than addressing the concerns of a particular strata of the society. The term Hawai chappal was used by PM Narendra Modi during his speech, this term signifies the “Common man” of the country as most of the people residing in our country wear Chappals.