Most psychology problems are really spiritual problems.

There is three major parts of a human being — the body, soul, and spirit. The body is the physical body which the soul and spirit interact with. The soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. The spirit represents the desires of the person, which some would say is the spiritual heart of the person. The body is physical, but the soul and spirit are purely spiritual.

The body is used by the soul and spirit to accomplish the interaction with the physical world. This can be to perform actions, satisfy emotions and lusts, enjoy the fulfilling of a sense of being and importance, and other desires like eating or exercising.

All humans and animals are all born with instincts. These instincts are spiritual in nature, because instincts are a higher programming in the spiritual parts and are not of physical matter. The instincts given are always specific to the species for it’s survival and procreation continuance.

Human beings are also born with a higher intelligence or higher spiritual makeup. All human beings are born with the basic knowledge of good and evil. Some would call this higher spiritual knowledge our conscience. By this conscience of good and evil, we all decide what good and evil we desire and accept in our lives.

Everything a person thinks and does is driven by the spiritual parts of their humanism. Everything a human decides in their mind is by their spiritual makeup, then the body is what performs out the thoughts. So, it is the spiritual that controls the flesh (body) and it is not the body controlling their actions.

It is when we see these spiritual instincts or the spiritual knowledge of good and evil being re-programmed in a way opposite to their desired creation, this is when we see and experience the normal become un-normal. We humans have the capability to re-program ourselves from what is natural to the un-natural. We can see this in people that have become gay or transsexual. We can also see this in people that insist their eyes need to become blinded, because they believe they should be blind, or insist the doctors must amputate an arm, because they have come to believe the arm does not belong to their body.

So, we should not give these people medications for a spiritual problem. We should not enable people to think that they are a woman when they are physically a man. We need to treat these people spiritually with truth, which will free them from their spiritual bondage. What ever people believe, that is what they will always act on. So, we must come back to believing truth, because believing lies will always destroy what is good and normal. When we re-train our minds on what we believe, this will always cause good or evil to come upon the person, depending on their beliefs.

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