Is Social Media Advertising Right for My Small Business?

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According to the Small Business Administration’s estimates, approximately 627,000 businesses start every single year. (We won’t talk about the amount that close every-year though — because it’s irrelevant in the context of this discussion.) Yikes! 627,000 businesses starting every single year — that’s a lot! That means that there is never really a shortage of small businesses in the United States! There is what seems like an endless supply of competition for you to go up against. With that being said though, times have changed. No longer are the days where you could just open a business — and use traditional mediums like television, print, and radio to attract customers to come to you! Consumers are faced with what I like to a gauntlet of advertisements on a daily basis. As a consumer digital advertising (That is, if it’s not the correct ads you want being displayed!) can seem annoying, but as a business owner, it can seem rather daunting. You’re competing with other businesses like yours and you’re dealing with consumers who are already sick of being marketed and pitched too right?

Digital Advertising through social media doesn’t necessarily need to be an arduous task even for a small business like yours. There are a few important pieces to consider when thinking about deploying digital ads through social media though.

  1. Does your business have a defined audience (Set of demographics, psychographics, etc.)?

If you’re able come up with answers that are very objective and what I would call positive — or affirmative, I would say that you’re definitely a business owner/manager that should consider using digital advertising through social media. Your business could benefit tremendously from executing a comprehensive social media advertising strategy. In additional to paid advertising, you’re going to want to have a content strategy in place to complement that paid advertisements. It’s one thing to get customers through the door (online) and it’s another to keep them active and engaged in your business. If you don’t have complimentary content — you could easily lose your audiences attention — because the digital space leaves very little room for individuals to focus on a particular business for more than a very short span of time.

There are tons of businesses just in New England (Mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont) where I’m from that severely lack in the social media space for the reasons I mentioned above — and a ton of others. I’m a firm believer though that if these business owners align themselves with professional social media marketers (like my team and I @ The Mega Agency for example) and implement a comprehensive strategy with define goals — they’ll see some really good return-on-investment (ROI).

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