“Road graves “ 🍃💐

As not verbally promised my article on the memorial flowers and Nick nacks sometimes seen on the side of the roads/highways. 》

Honestly ? I don’t think we pay enough attention to those things. Half the time people arn’t even paying attention to the road, which can often lead to exactly the things we will miss along side it. When I drive I see them many places, epically in Texas. At that spot right there someone’s last thoughts and dreams died, they no longer had a beating heart, just blank eyes staring out at whatever was there-someones child or parents, maybe that friend u will never get a call or text from again, just another name in your contacts you are too overwhelmed to delete, even if u tried.

Now I’m not the dps office. I’m not some lame old soccer mom driving my minivan to Starbucks or a little league game. I drive fast. I swerve. I’ve driven intoxicated plenty, and not exactly proud of it. — I did survive long enough to think about this and send this out to those who might care just slightly about If they have anything they care about.

🍃🥀 Those flowers are pretty sometimes, but the image and reality of a probably bloody, partially distorted body with blank dead eyes staring out at nothing, (or in a hospital until they faded, if they even made it that far) makes me a bit depressed. No matter the circumstances that caused it. Just once, if you can take the moment, pay attention and notice the marker of that life, remind yourself to think about your life that you are still able to control for a majority of it , use that marker as a lesson and learn from someone else’s mistake, because they for sure can’t take theirs back.

Now, you can still do as you please really, it hopefully wouldn’t affect you or me or anyone else one day. This is just my attempt at giving a little perspective to the unnoticed warnings and errors that may help you one day.

I wish the best to everyone on the road right now. High or not.

🍀Good luck/vision and hopefully safe driving to you all. 🌹