4 Companies Apple Could Buy In 3 Years

Apple makes Beats buy official, to the tune of $3 billion (May 28, 2014)

Apple has over $200 billion in cash to spend.

GoPro (GPRO)

GoPro’s line of actions cameras, drones, and editing and virtual reality software could fast forward Apple in the relatively young industries that its competitors are heavily investing.

Virtual Reality — With the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook and HoloLens by Microsoft, GoPro will undoubtedly help Apple to enter the virtual reality world. Hardware advancements in areas such as camera technology and drones, with GoPro expecting to release its first drone, Karma, are set to go on sale in 2016.

Video-Editing — Integration of the two would make more room in the video-editing software. GoPro videos could be easily added with music from iTunes and Apple Music. As a matter of fact, GoPro’s action cameras are already integrated with Apple’s iOS ecosystem, notably the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Real-Time Videos — The synergy could also integrate well with Apple TV. GoPro has been working to expand its array of live content, offering technology that enables professional athletes to live stream footage from their Hero cameras for real-time broadcasting.

Adobe (ADBE) or Box (BOX)

Enterprise products makes up approximately 10% of Apple’s total revenue as the company specifically targets businesses with the iPad Pro in hopes of increasing business revenue.

By acquiring one of the two, Apple would be able to get into the enterprise storage business and into enterprise cloud storage. It could ramp its iCloud platform, which currently targets consumers, into platform suitable for businesses.

Tesla (TSLA)

Although the chance of this deal to happen is very slim, the acquisition of Tesla makes total sense.

Apple has been repeatedly said to be working on building an electric car under Project Titan.

Car production is a key long-term growth initiative for the firm over the next 10 years

Tesla could significantly accelerate Apple’s entrance into the next-gen automobile industry for its battery technology.

I would like to note as a disclaimer that I do not own any of the stocks above, including Apple.