Bernie’s a fraud.
Marcy Wagman

Got every sound bite in there… except for ‘He’s a democratic socialist’. Ooops, correction: I meant, ‘a Socialist’… that sounds so much more sinister.

Anyone putting out unfounded claims & bloviated smears on Sanders is NO DANG BETTER than the RW that dems complained about were all over Hillary for years.

I’ve said it before: If Hillary’s life could be analogical to a whole set of encyclopedias, then Bernie’s is a small pamphlet. But since Hillary has been beat up by the RW so much, causing deep bitterness of her supporters, than of course… EVERYTHING in Bernie’s little pamphlet just must be ‘BAD’. Frankly, the smears & exaggerations are put out there because of one main reason: He IS NOT Hillary. The recent poll showing Bernie’s high popularity & proof that shatters the myth he doesn’t have support of POC, has really gotten under the skin of bitter Hillary supporters. I’m just glad they aren’t all bitter & there’s those that do acknowledge the fraud the DNC enacted. Denial of such, won’t bode well for the future of the DNC or elections.

There’s many older folks that were in support of Hillary in the past but just happened to choose to support Bernie in the primaries. They were the ones that STILL voted for Hillary in the general… some reluctantly, some willingly. They are now being marginalized and attacked by some ‘Hillary only’ folks. As for those ‘Hillary only’ folks they simply REFUSE to see this fraud imparted on the Sanders campaign & they do so at the peril of the DNC. It will ultimately keep people from returning to the dem party in the future. People can’t breathe if they constantly have to hold their noses.

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