Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

it sure was cool as hell when hillary spearheaded the disastrous intervention in Libya, legitimized the coup of a democratically elected government in Honduras ( a coup that precipitated the murder of honduran feminist and indigenous activists lol), destroyed the Haitian economy via the clinton foundation, supported and spearheaded privatization schemes across Latin America, and voted for the Iraq War that killed upwards of 500,000 people.

it was also cool as hell when she supported her husband’s tough on crime policies, his commitment to overthrowing Saddam Hussein by force (does that sound familiar), his repeal of glass-steagall, and worst of all welfare reform- a “reform” which 20 years later forces unemployed single mothers to sell their plasma to survive, a reform which “ended welfare as we know it”.

and its especially cool as hell that we can ignore all of this because “she’s not as bad as trump”. the bar really cannot get any lower, which is another thing that’s cool as hell, in my opinion.