How does a photographer create their own style

As a new professional photographer, I have learned one thing. It takes time to develop your own style. It is a process that cannot be rushed or cannot be copied. Every photographer has a vision about how they see a subject. This interpretation is what helps create our individuality. 
I tried to copy other artists in the past, but that is a futile attempt.

I remember asking one of my instructors, How do I create my own style’? He chuckled and said it comes with time and the development of the inner voice. It has taken me almost three years to develop my style. My style evolved thru music. I hear what I see in my head. The best way to explain would be if you were listening to a song that slowly builds. The beat gets faster and the chords get stronger. Until the ultimate crescendo occurs and the shutter is release in the camera. You can see more of my work at

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