How to improve composition. Working the Subject!

What happens when I photograph a scene? 
 First,I go through a thought process that involves rather simplistic and basic rules. I check for an interesting foreground subject. Whether it is a plant,dead tree,shrub,rock or any other subject for my foreground. I look thru the viewfinder and place that subject near the bottom right or left corners. I then make sure there are not any distracting elements such as additional rocks, leaves or plants around my “subject”. The image is then divided into thirds in the viewfinder. I make sure my sky is either 1/3 or the background or 2/3 of the background. If the sky has lots of color and clouds, thats a bonus! If there are no clouds, then I choose to include less sky. I the that the camera is level and the start pressing the shutter, varying the exposure to make sure I have the perfect shot. I will also vary the focus depth for added control later when I process the image. I will try different perspectives and angles of the foreground subject in relation to the background also. This is called “working the subject.”

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