My Story! How a retired dentist finds passion in Photography

I graduated from dental school in 1993. This was after 4 years of undergraduate work and 4 years of earning a degree in dentistry. After 8 years of schooling I was ready to finally hit the job market! I worked as an associate for about two years before I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy an existing dental practice. I practiced for 15 yrs in two different locations. And, I loved my job! I was so excited to help people with their mouths. It was an obsession, a hobby, and it was fun for me!. I would even go to the office an hour early just to be in the environment. I loved the problem solving, the case building and the camaraderie with other specialists. I was very proud of my accomplishments and what I had achieved!

That all came to a crashing halt in August of 2010, when medical issues prevented me from doing a great job and it became dangerous for the patients. I was stressed and I developed a short temper. When I informed the staff of my medical issues, they were not surprised. They had watched me struggle for a year with simple procedures and wondered what was going on.

I decided that the best option was to sell the office and try something else. I had no choice either. It was better than causing any harm to a patient. I decided that I would try my hand at photography. So, I started taking courses at Delray Beach Center for the Arts, Palm Beach Photographic Center and Various workshops across the country. I tried all genre’s of photography. I tried still life, street photography, portraiture, wildlife, and landscape. It was after my first “real” landscape photography workshop that I became impassioned again.

I found something that I loved to do! I developed a keen eye and skills in the digital darkroom that enabled me to explore my inner voice and show others what I had achieved.

I had truly come full circle to the “hobby” that I participated in as a child, but this time it is different. I used my creativity to help people before, but now I’m creating art to inspire people.

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