Website or Web App: Which One Is Good For Your Business?

  • Target audiences
  • Intended purpose
  • Available budget
  • Essential Features

What’s the Difference between Website & Web Application?

Key Similarities and Differentiators

End Business Goals to Consider

What about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

  • Wider reach, as web apps are accessible everywhere
  • No app store requirement, with PWAs as you can deploy or update your application without having to yield to any app store service
  • PWAs make browsing fast for users

Latest Marvels in Web Application Development

  • JavaScript is currently the most preferred programming language-and is getting stronger than ever due to its capabilities
  • Serverless offerings will become the ideal way to scale apps
  • Technologies like GraphQL and Typescript is predicted to find a spike in interest
  • Web developers will seriously consider Machine learning and AI due to their leveraging power of AI and enhancing the user experience
  • JAMstack will gain much momentum for building feature-rich websites
  • Intelligent chatbots will become more important for businesses due to the increasing need for application support
  • Experts predict Motion UI as one of the most fantastic web application development trends in 2019 due to its simplicity
  • Blockchain providing a high level of security will find more roots in many multinational companies/banks
  • Developers are widely using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), both interactive web application development trends

When a website makes more sense?

  • you just want to provide your customers with a pool of information about your business
  • you wish to market your business to a broader market
  • all you want is a global presence
  • your audience or potential customers want to know about your business story
  • you want to educate customers about your brand through timely articles and blogs
  • you want to improve your credibility and legitimacy in the market
  • you want a resource center for staff, where your employees can upload pictures, instructional videos and more to help customers

When to choose a web app over the website?

  • solve specific business problems
  • more than just a branding of your business online
  • establish a powerful communication channel for customers
  • improve your sales and revenue through efficient customer service

All You Need is a Reliable Development Partner



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