i chose me.

i am digesting and releasing emotional toxins simultaneously. i have coped and let go. i am healed, yet healing. i’ve grown, yet still growing. i’ve created a healthy atmosphere for myself; me, God & family are the only constants. distance is necessary like that sometimes. it gives us a chance to slow down & recenter. i am not perfect. i have bad days. i cry when it’s necessary. i smile hourly. i thank God for His blessings. i thank Him for His blockings. i have faith in the bigger picture. i realize sociopathy is real, & most times good people fall victim to it. i stopped beating myself up about the way others chose to mistreat me. i realize it had nothing to do with me. i realize i have a light that many pray for, & prey on, but burn when they get too close. my light reminds them of their darkness, & that’s okay. my light remains. there’s a peace i haven’t felt in a while that is restoring now. a shift in perspective. an understanding. a stronger connection with my own spirit. i chose me — to love & forgive, to have & to hold, to build & to mold. over anything & anybody that wanted me to fold,

i chose me.

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