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I use multitasking as a measure of the success of our regular team meetings.

If someone has time to reply to emails or finish their code during the meeting, then the topic doesn’t concern them, and it’s a waste of their time. It’s that easy.

The worst thing you can do here is to reprehend. Saying that someone is not paying attention and you are disappointed is a reaction of a lousy school teacher. Effectively, you just got a very clear signal, but you prefer to ignore it and shoot the messenger. Instead, when I talk with my colleagues, I emphasize that multitasking is valuable information for the facilitator and a sign that it’s time to change something. …

My summary of the video The Thing About Burnout of ashleymcnamara

The Thing About Burnout

Symptoms and development

  • Burnout is like PTSD. After some recovery time, you may feel you’re OK, but some triggers can get you back to the burnout state.
  • The burnout recovery time is two years. A two-week-long vacation doesn’t help.
  • The process is burning out is slow. It can take years.

Phases of burnout

  • honeymoon
  • onset of stress: you start feeling less motivated
  • neglecting self: overeating, etc.
  • losing motivation: can’t get excited about the work anymore
  • physical issues: digestion issues, tinnitus, etc.

How to avoid burnout?

  • Get clarity. What is the purpose of your work? What are you supposed to do? …

I’m a big fan of type hints, and I honestly don’t understand why some people find it ugly or unpythonic.

  • They improve the auto-complete and code navigation in the IDE.
  • They protect you against trivial errors and remind you about corner cases.
  • Beyond IDEs, more and more tools in the Python ecosystem take advantage of typing information. The FastAPI framework is the first example that comes to my mind.
  • They are like documentation, that is testable, both human- and machine-readable, and never outdated.
  • They make you think about your code and highlight code smell. Do you need to return Optional, or it’s better to implement a null object pattern? …


Roman Imankulov

Head of the Backend development team @doist.

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