Our Mother Above

Creative Commons

As many now do live through scorn
We’ve left our mother to weep and mourn 
A world chaotic, lost to strife
Though duly lived, not earned a life
Religion’s tossed away her truth
She above, forever gold in youth 
Truly now her tears do flow
As many hearts have only hate to sow
But fret not as not all is dark
As clouds descend, her heaven’s hark
Hold in you her love so fine
Remember her in darkest time
You aren’t alone, this is so true
In every act you see and do
Remember love to dry her tears
Embrace her as she draws you near
In you shall her heart confide
That love we share, and must abide
For even though hate runs amok
It will not last, evil’s out of luck
Sun will shine, birds will sing
You will feel the love she has to bring 
In your heart all hate will fail
Sinners to saints, her holy grail
Give in love to know her way
Seek not through envy, nor pain and hate
See yourself in every tear
Her eyes are sweet, they know no fear
Remember her, she’s all we’ve got
Our mother above, she’ll forget you not
Weep not for tomorrow nor the lost
They go to her, she’ll melt their frost
A hug to last eternity away
Our mother above, one love to say 
You’ll know not the hour nor the day
She’s already here, with you she’ll stay

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